The Project

Since the dawn of time, humanity has never ceased to learn – individually as well as collectively. Over millennia, we have mastered an incredibly large number of skills, and continue to do so; yet, we lack a comprehensive and organised database of all human skills.

We firmly believe that with the power of modern technology, it is possible to map out all human skills. However, the only smart way of doing so, is by leveraging collective knowledge and making everyone a part of this effort. In this age of advanced social tools, big data technologies and data science applications, imagine what we could do with this data!

Our Mission

Our aim is to build the largest and most accurate multilingual skills database ever made, by allowing a diverse and skilful community to contribute their individual skills to the global map. This database is available for anyone to use, free of charge with a Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 licence.

Because the data is the result of many people’s voluntary effort, along with ours, we allow anyone to export the data as a CSV, and plan to eventually make an API through which users can get access to it as well.

How Can You Help?

In our graph structure, each skill can be split into more specific sub-skills. What you need to do is add your own skills in the most appropriate section.

You don’t need an account to browse the skill database or to download it. However, if you want to add your skills or share thoughts about existing ones, you will need to sign up.

You can even apply to become an editor. Editors have the ability to edit skills added by other users.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Skills

What is a skill?

It’s anything that you can do, which is important to you in your work, or in your life in general. Even seemingly trivial skills can be really important for some people.

Are there any illegal skills?

Every country has laws about what people can and cannot do. We do not consider listing a skill which is illegal to perform in some countries to be illegal itself. However, Skill Project is not a place to openly promote illegal and/or immoral activities, so expect the Editors to delete or flag inappropriate skills.

Is there any way to link directly to a skill?

Sure! Open the Edit panel for any skill and click on “Share” for its URL address, that you can copy and paste anywhere. When you open the URL, the tree will automatically expand right up to the selected skill.

Is it possible for the same skill to exist in two (or more) different branches?

Yes, absolutely. But as fas as the database is concerned, these will be two different skills (only with the same name). We believe that many skills could have different meanings based on their place in the database. Like “Photo Editing”, which could be classified under “Arts” as well as under “Computer Sciences” or “Technology”).

Is something like “Breathing” or “Walking” considered a skill?

Remember what we call a “skill”.

It’s anything you can do, which is important to you in your daily work, or in your life in general. Even seemingly trivial skills can be really important for some people.

Ask a Yoga teacher if breathing is a skill. Sure it is! And what about race-walking?
So yes, they are skills. But if it’s not immediately obvious to you how, it may be better to leave adding one to someone who actually masters the skill, as these people are usually better at locating them correctly within the tree.

Is knowledge considered a skill in Skill Project?

Generally, yes, because we have a broad definition of a skill that is not limited to physical actions. For example, we believe “music” is a skill. A very general one, but still a concept that can relate to something one can learn, teach, master, excel at, etc. Of course, if you know music, chances are you also know many sub-skills of music.

Do skills have to be job or employment related?

No, they don’t need to be related to a job. On the other hand, we struggled to think of any skill that was not at least partially connected to a job, if not for you, for someone else somewhere.

Editing the Skills

How do I add a skill?

First, you must . If you don’t yet have an account, head over to the Sign up form.
Then, click on the “+” button on a skill that's related to the skill you want to add. This will open a panel with the “Create Skill” option.

Why do you limit the number of children a skill can have?

If we didn’t, some skills would have hundreds or even thousands of sub-skills (think about the spoken languages for example). That wouldn’t make a very nice tree. Nor would it be easy to explore.
On the other hand, we noticed that it’s always possible to group skills together in such a way that the total number of skills in each group is always relatively small. This becomes obvious for skills you master because you can usually see that they naturally belong to different groups.
At the moment, we are limiting to 10 sub-skills, but we might slightly raise this limit in the future if it’s a problem. Do raise the issue on the community forum if it’s bothering you.

Sometimes, I can rename, delete or move a skill around, and sometimes not. What’s going on?

You have all editing rights on the skills you've just created, but only for one day... so review your work quickly!

I need to edit a skill name, but I’m not an Editor… What can I do?

If you just created the skill, you can edit it for one day. Otherwise, you can suggest the new name to an Editor by writing a message in the “Discuss the skill” section of the skill’s panel. Or you can apply to become an Editor yourself!

Why doesn’t everyone have editing rights? Like on Wikipedia?

Unfortunately, sometimes we have to plan for the worst. Wreaking havoc on the tree is just a few clicks away, when you have editing rights. Because our data has an intrinsic hierarchical form, it is very easy to vandalize a few skills (on the top levels) for a very visible effect.
But we are constantly thinking about new and creative ways to moderate the system. If you have any ideas, we’ll be glad to hear from you on the community forum.

Is this shit made in Flash or what?

No sir. It’s genuine HTML 5 with a Canvas flavour and some KineticJS magic on top! And let’s not forget the hidden part of the iceberg: the database is powered by the fantastic graph-based database Neo4J.

The Database

How many skills are there in the database?

Skill Project started a few days ago with a little over 300 skills. We expect the database to grow quickly into thousands of skills.

Do you have a REST API?

It's on our roadmap but we don’t consider it a priority. If it’s important to you, raise the issue on the community forum so we can discuss it together and see if it would come handy to more people. We will then reconsider our priorities.


Why is Skill Project not available in my language?

We want Skill Project to be available in many, many languages. It's actually easy to translate the skills tree, but having the whole website available in those same languages takes a little more effort.
If you can help with the translation, we'd be grateful! Get in touch!

Our Mission

What’s the purpose of all this?

It is to collectively create the largest and most accurate database of all human skills we, as humans, have learned in the last few millenia, and have it organized in such a way that we can easily explore it and keep it up to date.

What's next for Skill Project?

We believe our 21st century society is becoming more and more skill-centered, which is why we created Skill Project. We believe there will be many ways to leverage the power of a community-curated comprehensive skills database, but we have no definite plans for it yet. We are eager to read what you think about it! Let’s talk about it in the community forum.

I’d like to make my own skill tree… any way I can do that?

Not right now, but it’s a feature we have given some thought to. Care to discuss it on the community forum with us?

Is there a mobile app available for Skill Project?

Not yet!

Becoming an Editor

How do I become an editor?

It’s not hard, you just need to take a few minutes to fill in the application form. But we take care to only give Editor rights to people who take their application seriously. We don’t have an upper limit on the number of editors the Skill Project can have, but we will encourage editorship for branches of the tree that are not yet catered for.

How many editors are there?

We re-started Skill Project a few days ago, when the only Editors were the 3 core team members.



SpringRole wanted to build a Taxonomy of Skills and came across The Skill Project. We contacted the founders and collectively decided that SpringRole can extend the current piece of work for the greater good. This is how we started to contribute and take the reigns of the Skill Project.



SpringRole is the first portfolio company from Science Blockchain, the blockchain-focused incubator from Science Inc. It is the first professional reputation network powered by artificial intelligence and blockchain to eliminate fraud from user profiles.



Anshaj is a Software Developer working at SpringRole Inc. He has worked on Natural Language Processing extensively and likes to solve day to day trivial problems with code. His interests lie in the fields of Data Science and Machine Learning.


Mayank is a final year Computer Science student at MIT Manipal. His interests range from Data Science to Visual Media, and he is contributing to the Skill Project as part of his internship at SpringRole Inc. He also runs a YouTube channel where he captures his ideas and travels, and is an active musician as well.


Skill Project is brought to you by 3 friends living in Paris, France. We share a passion for learning, teaching and experimenting which has naturally led us to come up with Skill Project. Apart from that, we come from very different cultural and gastronomical backgrounds! Come and chat with us in the community section.


Dario was born in Italy and from the age of 7 has been a self-taught computer enthusiast. He founded and ran a web agency in Paris for 7 years before Skill Project. He's also the founder of Open du Web, a regular event in Paris where web talents can show off their skills. Dario is furiously jealous of Guillaume’s nickname.


Guillaume was born in Quebec, Canada and now lives in France. Passionate web developer and teacher, he fell in love with PHP and sexy databases some 8 years ago. He is known as SkillBill on the Skill Project.


Raphael is french and just loves to speak latin, like this: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aenean commodo ligula eget dolor. Aenean massa. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Donec quam felis, ultricies nec, pellentesque eu, pretium quis, sem.